Rural Parliament

Estonian Rural Parliament

Estonian Village Movement Kodukant has sponsored Rural Parliaments of Estonian Villages since 1996 to bring together village members, organizations, local and national representatives with the aim to discuss the issues and look for solutions to the problems facing rural development. Kodukant‘s Rural Parliament is unique due to the fact that the participants are brought together every two years to discuss the problems of the countryside and bring them to governmental decisions. Estonian Rural Parliament will provide also a good platform for discussion and exchange of ideas and best practice between international organizations connected with the rural development in different European countries.

13th Estonian Rural Parliament takes place July 26-28 2019 in Räpina, Põlva County (Southern Estonia). There will participated ca 350 participants – 15 delegations from Estonian Counties, guests, partners, politicians, President of Republic.
Estonian RP 2019 programme

We are glad to host 14 international guests from 8 countries!
Practical information for international guests.
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Contact person for International guests:
Anneli Kana
phone +372 5288810


Manifesto Estonian Rural Parliament XII, 2017

 Foreign guests with President of Republic (lady in blue), 2017

International delegation with Prime Minister of Estonia

Emma Cooper from Scotland sharing her emotions and experiences from XII Estonian Rural Parliament. Three things I learnt in Estonia

History of Estonian RP:

BROCHURE Estonian RP XI (2015)

BROCHURE Ten Rural Parliaments in Estonia (1996-2013)